As some of you know the mysql extension is deprecated in PHP 5.5. Most likely it still works but when you want to use it now with WordPress it will fill up your logs. This will get fixed in WordPress 3.7 or maybe 3.8 depending on feature scope for 3.7. There is already a ticket […]

Last week someone I know asked me how to do always a top center crop on thumbnails and I knew it was possible because of WP_Image_Editor. But you always wondered what it was before 3.5 and it always seemed you needed to hack code till I founded a post from George Stephanis. His post shows that […]

In our previous post about the class WP_Image_Editor we only talked about some global information. Today this post is going to handle how to load a custom image editor. It isn’t that straight forward you would expected and the reason is that the the code in core is lazy loaded. So when you call wp_get_image_editor() the […]

In WordPress 3.5, GD has been abstracted out of core’s image manipulation functions and has been called WP_Image_Editor. Because of that WordPress also has support for Imagick and that is the default choose. It’s giving better image quality to those who have it available on their host. This is particularly important if you’re using images with […]

When playing with the awesome theme Responsive I notice the menu in widget was broken because it was styling on the CSS class ‘menu’. Since every menu has this class the widgets also get the main menu styling. You can fix this in the child theme by removing all styling but that seems hard to day. […]

In almost every theme you see a check if dynamic_sidebar() did returned false then show HTML inside the if statement. See the sidebar.php of Twenty Eleven. Twenty Twelve and Twenty thirteen don’t do this anymore. This is ugly in two ways. The first one is that this kind of logic shouldn’t be in the template files. It […]

Last year I was working on a way to get a horizontal sidebar. I worked out a PHP only solution and added a nice selectbox to the widget admin page. Obviously you can just add the amount of sidebar to the widget area and do the magic in your template. I also going to show […]

This feature is probably something that should be in core and the change is that a client already asked you for this feature. There are a lot of plugins on that do this and much more but this solution is clean since it still uses the WordPress widget. It only adds a selectbox to the […]

For our code sample with starting with something simple. Sometimes you want to give the user the control to change the menu name in the template. Currently WordPress doesn’t have a function where you can pass the theme location but it’s quite simple to do with a few lines of code. It’s using two WordPress […]

So today I started out a fresh new site for awesome tutorials about things you can do in WordPress you most likely didn’t know. Even with a lot of sites covering a bunch I still believe a site as this is missing. A place that covers stuff like dealing with Backbone and trying to extend […]